Fripp Island Daily Tide Chart And Graph

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Fripps Inlet, Hunting Island Bridge, St. Helena Sound, South Carolina
32.3400° N, 80.4650° W

June 2017




Mon 2610:53 PM EDT 7.57 ft8:32 PM EDT10:56 PM EDT
Tue 275:15 AM EDT −0.68 ft11:27 AM EDT 6.32 ft5:25 PM EDT −0.59 ft11:47 PM EDT 7.16 ft6:17 AM EDT8:32 PM EDT10:08 AM EDT11:40 PM EDT
Wed 286:05 AM EDT −0.40 ft12:26 PM EDT 6.17 ft6:19 PM EDT −0.12 ft6:17 AM EDT8:32 PM EDT11:11 AM EDT
Thu 2912:41 AM EDT 6.74 ft6:57 AM EDT −0.08 ft1:23 PM EDT 6.05 ft7:16 PM EDT 0.35 ft6:17 AM EDT8:32 PM EDT12:11 PM EDT12:19 AM EDT
Fri 301:34 AM EDT 6.34 ft7:51 AM EDT 0.19 ft2:18 PM EDT 5.98 ft6:18 AM EDT1:09 PM EDT12:55 AM EDT

The current time is denoted as a "+" on the left of the graph below. The graph is updated every 5 minutes.